Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing Our Contributors

NCUD is a non-profit organization based in East Palo Alto, California dedicated to the eradication of poverty in our community and other under-resourced communities in Northern California.  Our staff is dedicated and knowledgeable about issues of injustice, race and inequality, but most importantly we wish to celebrate the diverse perspectives on these subjects.  This blog will be our platform to share about how we view the world, and how we contribute to our goal of eradicating poverty and injustice.

Rev. John Liotti- John is the CEO of NCUD.  His contributions will address how political and socio-economic changes impact our community.   His opinions are his own, and he encourages healthy dialogue and discourse.

Zuzuki V. Sanchez- Zuzi is NCUD's Housing Counseling Manager, but she is also a mother of two and has lived in East Palo Alto since 1987.  Her posts will likely muse on motherhood, procrastination and other compelling issues around our community.

Jenni Ingram- Jenni is NCUD's FutureProfits Program Manager.  She is an encourager of the youth generation.  She seeks to ensure they have a place, platform and the confidence to share their voice.  Her contributions will likely focus on advocacy for students and affirmation of teachers.

Neil Fisher- A man of many talents, he is often seen helping housing clients and working construction on our housing projects in the same day.  Neil brings a unique perspective as a man who grew up in Palo Alto and has always understood and identified with the plight of lower income populations.  You don't want to miss his articles!

Blanca Medina- Blanca has been involved in every department in our organization, and currently resides in the Housing Department.  Blanca is a soon to be mother of two and has also grown up in East Palo Alto.   Blanca has more knowledge about our communities' culture than most of our staff, and her contributions will consist of musings about generational crime, women and girls and their roles in the community of East Palo Alto.

Carmen Reynaga- Carmen is the newest member to our staff, but packs a powerful punch!  She has taken on the role of lead teacher in our FutureProfits program, and is our primary community outreach coordinator.  In her short time on staff she has pole-vaulted NCUD into the Spanish media limelight.

Kirsten Devlin- I will be the moderator of this blog and will also share my contributions each Wednesday.  My primary focus will be on how poverty is the breeding ground for injustice and oppression, and also how I see the dissemination of information and awareness through pop culture, music, film and beyond.

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