Thursday, May 24, 2012

“No One Can Live Your Life but You!”

-Perspective Through The Lens of FutureProfits-

            Most people would agree that there is a distinct difference in maturity between freshman and senior students in high school. Evidenced by behavior, level of respect for authority, self-esteem, and so many additional factors that speak into ones’ development. With this knowledge, some might say that the hope to reach a group ranging from freshman to seniors using one curriculum is outlandish. Some might say it’s impossible, and altogether shy away from the idea. However, FutureProfits™ is not a part of that ‘some’.  There is a sort of knowledge that can be useful for anyone, and FutureProfits™ presents such information.
With the basic idea that no one can live someone else’s life, comes a curriculum that teaches students in high school how to have control of their money. This past year FutureProfits™ has served freshman through seniors, and has seen many success stories about students who have decided to take ownership of the curriculum taught to them. Unit 3 of the curriculum discusses student loans (i.e. interest rates, types of loans to look for, questions to ask yourself before getting a loan), and brings awareness to the value of education. After this was presented, many students – from freshman to seniors – mentioned how much more aware they were of the benefits of getting a student loan for themselves. Prior to this being taught, many students were held captive by the notion that all loans are bad, and were therefore interpreting their pursuit of education as a fantasy, rather than a reality. In short, they’ve decided to go against the grain of what they thought, and have decided to start pursuing education after high school! Students are beginning to believe that no one can live their lives but themselves. Their questions and continual intrigue prove this. 
-Shanae Green, FutureProfits Program Assistant

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